Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Always scan the card!!

So I went to Food Lion (Carrollton,GA) today to pick up their .99 kellogg's cereal. The cashier scans my items then my coupons. The total was a lot higher than I expected. (Twice as much)I asked if she was sure that was right. "Oh yes" After looking at my receipt. (Before I left the register) I realized that she hadn't scanned my MVP card. I explain that and she apologizes and gets the manager who tells her to cancel out every item (Thank God there were less than 10) and to re-ring them after scanning my card.
She does this, then realizes that I paid with a debit card and she needs to reimburse me with cash. Calls another manager over who gives me the difference from my COUPON AMOUNT. I'm like that's not right. So I take it over to the cs and explain that there was a miscommunication. The manager thought the cashier had forgotten my coupons.
So far a 10 minute trip is taking closer to 30 or more. Everyone is being really nice and apologizing and stuff-which makes me a LOT nicer about the whole ordeal. The manager then has to cancel every item (again) one at a time and re-ring them again.

So to avoid all the hassle PLEASE remember to have your card out ready to scan!!!

Thank you to the wonderful managers at Food Lion. They were very gracious and apologetic about the whole situation. Kudos to you.

My 'score' for the trip:

2-apple jacks cereal .99 ea-1.50/2 = .50

2- FL cake mixes .89 ea-1/2flip = .78

2-pop-tarts 1.83ea - 2 $1/1 = 1.66

2-FL pasta sauce 1.53 ea- $1/2 = 2.06

5pk FL mac n' cheese = 1.80

Total spent: $6.80
Total saved: $13.57

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